Wednesday, January 6, 2010


5 1/2 years ago I left the steps of Oregon State University to stay at home. My first and most important priority is still to be home with my kids and always will be, but as of late I have felt the push to go back to college to finish the dream that is still there nagging at me. I am going to apply for the CNA program here at the hospital and today I found out some wonderful news! EOU has online courses I can finish up my pre-recs for LBCC's Nursing program. A blessing because this will allow me to work as a CNA part-time while going to school and being at home with my kids. EXCITING but also..........BUSY! I seem to crave that, a sort of fast lane you could call it.

I think it is good for children to see you in school working for a goal that will enrich their lives and your own; to see the hard work and dedication it takes to bring your dreams come true. I am excited but am also a realist and know that while the enthusiasm is high right now, I know when I am in the muck of it, I might begin to say otherwise.

I love my husband. I know random, right but its not. I know I will be able to finish going to school and reach my goal of being a nurse because of his support and love for me. I supported him through those hard years of being SO poor that 1.00 was not just a 1.00 and now as I begin this journey with utmost joy, I know he will be there with me hand in hand to pull me through that muck when the going gets tough to say "You can do this..... so get up and get going!"

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