Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well that was....... EXPECTED!

I am going to be frank and to the point. My husband got the news. He has a job until June and then after that we will be heading into the dark, vast world of the unemployment chain. My heart is at ease because I knew that this would be the outcome. It's going to be ok and I know that this is just another trial for us to learn and grow from in our marriage. I believe that when one door closes another one opens. His plan is more vast and great than we can see from our view point. It is with his help that we come to understand and become lifted to what he has in store for us, beginning to SEE what he sees.

When we were hit with the news of a possible office closure a month ago I was UPSET, ANGRY, FRUSTRATED and just plain ol'MAD! Why us....WHY NOW?!? but then after much thought and reflection on my part I began to see that there was a reason for this. I am still frustrated that I can not yet see what the lord has in store because we have A LOT TO PRAY ABOUT! To accept a transfer to Las Vegas/ not and stay here and find a job hopefully by get the point. I cringe at all that has to be done. I still want to get my CNA and become a nurse, well just see where I am when that happens ;-).

With much hope!

~Rach ~


Tiffany said...

Move to Reno!!! We might be moving there actually if Hyrum can find a teaching job there. But seriously though, I admire your strength and your positive attitude during this time. We will pray for you!

Holly said...

Rachel, good luck with all your upcoming decisions. It is nice to know that we can turn to heaven for help and strength at difficult times.

Kara said...

Good luck Rachel. You sound like you have a great attitude!

Christensen Family said...

You guys will ultimately find the best path for your family because you are such great people and will turn to the Lord to make this decision. Your friends will be here for whatever you need!

Kirsten said...

Losing your job can be such a difficult trial. I know it was hard for Ken and I when we were living in Corvallis. Look for ways to spend time with just each other because the stress can make you really snap at each other at times. You will learn a lot from the experience. Good luck and we will be thinking of you guys.

Our Family said...

I am sorry to hear about your husband's job. I know with the Lord's help, your family will know what to do. I will be thinking of you.


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