Friday, March 12, 2010

Who should fit into......

Who should fit into.....
a SIZE SMALLER swimsuit.....


I went to Costco yesterday and I saw the swimsuit display out (yes in Oregon they put swimsuits out in March.....weird but true!). I thought to myself, should I try? I have been needing a new one for a LONG time since the bra strap broke on mine camping last summer so it was time to shop for a new one. I found a CUTE one that was a black floral top with a criss-cross back and black bikini bottoms. I picked up a size smaller than I usually buy and went home.

I tried it on this morning and DIED!

It fit and by that I mean fit...not squeezing into it and having the donut (come on we've all seen it)...but looking good...whistle type of FIT!! It felt good. It has been a long road getting back into shape since my youngest was born. I NEVER thought it would take this long but I am getting closer to my weight goal!

15 more lbs to go =-)

P.S Even though I look good....there will be no pictures of me in my swimsuit....
I would blind you with my PASTY Oregonian white skin

Yours truly,


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Alisa said...

That is a great accomplishment. I never thought it would be difficult to lose weight. And here I am with 13 lbs. of baby fat still (after 13 months). I've been told though that it should come off a lot easier once I stop nursing Dallin. I'm going to shoot for 14 mo. I need to be strong. It's just hard when you know the alternative is so freakin expensive and boob milk is free. Anyways, you're an inspiration. Maybe it will rub off on me soon.=)


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