Thursday, July 1, 2010

Homemade waterslides

Requirements for a homemade water slide:
* An amazing playground that daddy built with love and care
which BTW has a pirate ship off the side....we call the slide "The Plank."

* a hose

* a pool to provide some splashing fun
(according to my kids that means "get mom wet.")

Oh and I forgot to need to have a four year old sister at the bottom of the slide to squirt you so you can squeal and scream. This was my favorite part.......

Look at that splash baby!

If you think I stayed dried while filming this moment....think again!

Results of a 9 year old deciding it was time to get her mother wet

The Clo-a-nator going down to the slide like a dainty flower and then proceeding to splash me....

I think it was declared splash mom day.

By the way....after rototilling and MUCH love...look whats FINALLY growing in our backyard!

It is OH SO soft to walk on!

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