Monday, July 5, 2010


My friends and I heard the Lilith Fair was coming to Portland. We grabbed some tickets for the outdoor lawn seating, found babysitters (THANK YOU AGAIN MOM!) and brought blankets and tarps to carpool to Lilith.

We arrived early and BOY I am glad we did so. We ended up with front row seating....well as far as lawn seating went :).

We heard Sheryl crow, Eriyka Badu....

Sugarland, colbie callait...and many other fine women in music.

In the end they all came out and performed together.....
you could say it was pretty amazing!

Yes that is a tarp and plastic. It was quite wet in the beginning, soaking us and then thankfully drying out.
As an oregonian, you dance and play rain or shine.

Bri, thanks for getting us all together!

It was amazing!

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Anonymous said...

What??? No butt grabbing story? People are missing out on how your hit on all the time ;) Love ya Sweetie!


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