Saturday, October 2, 2010

Awards and wigs

Today was picture day at school for the oldest two.

I am NOT a fan of Life Touch photography that is in the public schools.

Their results are LESS than par!

So I did not get any but the class picture.....

but we dressed up anyway, curling Diana's hair..... and Taylor informed me "GIRLS TAKE FOREVER."

I think they look pretty SNAZZY if you ask me.....
minus the toast Taylor still has on his shirt.

After a busy day of running errans and voluntering at the kids school I picked up Diana with her new found awards: Student of the week and the 50 point club (highest in the school)! It was a proud parent moment for my eldest.

She has a drive for sucess that will carry her far in this life.
Her Father and I are so proud of Diana.


Later that night while Diana was at a party I ran over to joanns and found the missing piece for Keith and I's Halloween costumes.......


But then again....not everyone likes clowns.

Happy Halloween!


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