Friday, April 17, 2009

Chloe Nicole

On April 19th three years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her birth was a very spiritual experience. The labor was very peaceful, serene and almost dream like, making me closer to my father in heaven. After she was born she cried very little; sleeping the majority of the whole hospital visit, a nice preparation for the two active toddlers I was going home to. She looked so fresh from heaven, full of secrets and knowledge I wish I could have asked her about.

That first year was a hard one with my daughter. She caught a cold at six weeks which resulted in a extremely painful ear ache. The ear ache was never able to be cleared up with much frustration and medication and until she was 14 months old, when after much prayer and priesthood blessings she was well and able enough to get tubes placed. When the tubes were put in, at her follow up appointment, we discovered with a hearing test my little girl had never been hearing much, if at all. The doctor said she was only hearing around 5-10% which explained why the vacuums high pitch noise would put our daughter to sleep and make her giggle.

She has made leaps and bounds from her difficult first year, gaining her speech back faster by the second. Chloe you are an active, fiery, "outspoken" little girl whom we all just want to catch and tickle. You make us laugh when you smile like a pirate ;) and you desire to experience it All.

Chloe we love

When you change your clothes for the 10th time to show everyone your new dress or outfit. We are doomed when you are teenager ;)

When we catch you quietly sitting in the library nook upstairs with another princess book

When you can dig in the dirt while wearing that church dress mom told you to put back in the Closet and your handbag

When you tell us to come look at your pretty picture upstairs and you have made us a

wall mural

When you want to sit and read books for hours

When you snuggle us every morning and give us lots of kisses

Your love for Jesus

Your desire for learning

Your love of your siblings

The drive for life that we see in those mischievous brown eyes

The constant thinking we see going on in your head

The way you love to be every ones helper

The way you are protective

AND most of Chloe Nicole we love the fact that we were SO blessed to have you apart of this family. It has been three wonderful years Chloe and your father and I look forward to the many more adventures you will lead us on in your life.

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