Monday, April 20, 2009

Gilbert House

Last Friday Diana did not have school because it was parent teacher conferences. My neighbor Rachel and I packed up our crew and headed to the Gilbert House in S. I love the creative and hands on learning the kids are able to experience at the museum and the awesome playground that towers several flights. While we were there keith came home early and ripped out most of our kitchen underlayment and vinyl. It is so much easier to get renovating done when kids are not around :). Here are a few pictures of our visit.

Shadow Room

China Room

The Great Big Chair

Spider web

Chloe Nicole LOOOOVES to "DIG"

Playing with the water pump. He loved to think on all the different ways he could put the pipes together to make the wheel move.

Bubble Room

Using a hoola hoop to make a bubble

The end to a busy day

Heres what I came home to.... "Home Sweet Home"

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