Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tile and broken Pipe

Let me just say before I begin that we are renovating the floors in our house. It has turned out to be quote on quote more "fun" than we had planned and is making some pretty memorable experiences.

On Sat. March 28 at 10:55pm My husband and I had been ripping off the molding and removing the carpet tack stips in our living room to lay down new laminate flooring. When I went to go remove the final piece of molding, out came a such a blast of water that it knocked me over into the middle of the room. " KEITH!!! HELLLLP! There is water filling our living room!! I screamed at my husband who was brushing his teeth. He rushed in to see Old faithful out of our Living Room wall. 25 towels, ripped drywall, blasted off paint, and Minutes later with the help of a sleepy neighbor we found the water shut off valve in the street. When we looked at the damage, we had been blessed by the lord because we had over a $1000 in laminate flooring sitting in the living room. The water had some how gone around the pile of laminate :).

After some detective work and with the help of a WONDERFUL person from our ward at church we found that someone has forgotten the protective metal plate over the two by fours. People....cost of the metal plate at home depot...... .05! Can you believe that, so 9 years ago when my house was built the dipstick forgot to put this "metal plate" over my plumbing out to my water spicket, hence why there was so much pressure, resulting in a finishing nail being driven into the pipe while the molding was installed. When I ripped off the molding, I disturbed the the hole and Wa-La we had a built in water feature. Not what I was going for but hey it makes for a great story, Right?!?

Remodeling is never with out a good story. I feel so blessed to have found that pipe before we remodeled the flooring completely because in the future that nail and pipe would have burst. I mean come on the nail was so rusted it was almost completely gone.

Well this week we decided in our adventures to finish up the wall patch....tee hee I know how to install dry wall now....I know I am weird...but I love this stuff. After that I textured, painted and then sealed the floor for tile entry we put in front of out sliding door. I have not grouted it yet but I took pictures of the final product of "before" I put the grout on tomorrow evening. Now in a few years I can get me a set of french doors that go out to my garden (just have to convince the husband). Here are some pictures of the floor remodel so far.

Metal plate that could have avoided ALL of this

After Clean- Up

The beautiful New Pipe - "Nail Free"

He is going to hate me for putting this picture up.....Tee hee.

Keith cutting the tile for the entry way in front of our sliding door on our new wet saw.

My big helper

Giving the Big Helper a Kiss

The Tile Entry in front of sliding door. I think a Pretty Good Job for our first time tiling! Pictures to follow after I grout.

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