Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chalk It Up

Yesterday we made our way up to C-Town and met some good friends of ours to enter the kids into a chalk drawing contest (Mary Poppins comes to mind). They had the sidewalks sectioned off into large 3 x3 squares and were divided accordingly to age. My kids were bummed because they thought they would be able to draw their own creation but everyone had to draw to a set theme "What does your park look like?" Some drew flowers and grass while others stuck to play equipment and the blue skies. At the end I was very impressed with how the kids did especially Taylor since he is not a "artsy" type of person. He really got into it grabbing the chalk and going for it :). Best of all, they received little certificates and had a great time for free :)

Diana's final product

Taylors final product

Going for the gold

My buddy and me

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