Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stripped Searched and left naked

So today I join the ranks of those who have been stripped, searched and left naked in the cold financial ruins of IDENTITY THEFT. Yes folks you heard me, Identity theft. Someone decided to hack into my E-Bay account that I have not used in over two years to sell some "shirts" and have my account charged the seller fees. So nice of them huh??? They now have my bank account number and personal info......well that is until this morning when I out smarted them and caught the bandit RED HANDED when I went to go pay bills and check our bank account.
I caught this so early that I had only been charged $5.08 in seller fees for items I never listed. Yes I know that sounds small but wait there is more. They were on their way to charging me a much heftier amount in seller fees that a shutter to dare say later this morning. So I am one of the lucky ones. I spend my ENTIRE day at the bank closing my checking account, reporting fraud, filling out paperwork, calling eBay, dealing with eBay's HORRIBLE live customer service chat...Do they no believe in humanity because that was just torture?!?!
I now have a new bank account
I now am a victim to ID THEFT

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