Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zoooooo Snooze

This year for Girl Scout Cookie Sales my Scouts put the financial goal of saving enough money to spend the night at the zoo. If you ever have the opportunity to do it I would recommend it highly. The zoo takes you behind the scenes and gives you inside tours of animal exhibits and the zoo facilities. You are able to touch and feel many of the animals they bring in and learn more about the exhibits than you would going through on a normal visit. The most fascinating thing to me was the zoo kitchen. Frozen chickens, cans of worms, fish, crickets, not what a normal kitchen would see in its pantry. One thing that was new to me was that the most expensive animal to feed in the zoo is......
an otter! Because of all the fish they eat, it makes them one of the most expensive animals in the zoo to feed.

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