Thursday, December 31, 2009

......You need Milk and cookies with that!

I have a confession, I like to bake.
Are you shocked???
As my witness, my poor Kitchen gets quite the work out, especially around the holidays. I will see a recipe and "have to try it out" , making cookies, breads, cakes....well you get the idea.
Christmas eve is not the exception at our house. We pull out the mixer and ingredients for our cookies and whip a FRESH batch of cookies for Santa and his team.....wink wink! This year the children chose sugar cookies from a recipe they saw in my cookie magazine. The recipe turned out to be OK but nothing shooting off fireworks in the sky. I think next time well stick to my favorite sugar cookie recipe!

Chloe and Diana decorating the cookies

OK funny story....this is one of two cookies that ended up with frosting on it. Taylor ATE the rest of his lemon zest frosting......before frosting the rest of HIS cookies.

Cutting out the cookies! I love my large counter......a big improvement from where we used to live. I virtually had NO counter space!

OK people....My husband and Taylor are starting to loose it. I think its called....
"I ate too much frosting syndrome!"

Yeppers......he is sticking his tounge out. We are gone!

Ok now Daddy is chasing the kids around....
Remind me....
Do I have three kids

Welcome to my home!
I like it like that!

and well...lets face it.......
Eating frosting in large glops can do things to a person whether your big or small!

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