Monday, November 21, 2011


Oh my the weekend flew by fast!
I had sick kids all last week with fevers, croupy coughs, chills....
You get the idea.
So alas I am behind on my thanksgiving journal.

Day 19

I am grateful for my three.....

Almost 11 years ago in February I became a mother.
Diana rose changed my life for the better.

Being a mother made me.....
 become closer to my heavenly father
a better wife....
more driven...
want to become a better person...
more empathetic...

As my eldest, her and I have a very close relationship.
Her sweet testimony and friendship have blessed our home.
She brings peace and love to her siblings.
I am grateful that she is my oldest because she is incredibly giving and nurturing; a wise older sister who provides a shinning example to her siblings.

3 1/2 years later Taylor entered our world.
His birth was an accomplishment beyond all comprehension.
Without pain meds, a head off the charts, a cracked tail bone and hip later....
The world welcomed my handsome son.
He was such a HAPPY baby.
He made me laugh everyday with his big brown eyes and endless energy.
My favorite time spent with him was singing to him as a toddler.
He would say "one more mommy??"
I would end up singing to him for hours sometimes.

Last of my three is lil'miss Chloe, who is....
full of fire, passion and has such a desire to be better!
As a baby Miss Chloe was sick with chronic ear infections.
It became such an issue that hearing loss and speech was discussed with her doctors
After ear tubes and minimal hearing loss....
You see a happy little girl who honesty has the drive and ambition to go anywhere her heart takes her.
She always tells me
"Mommy I am going to be a doctor someday so I can take care of you when your old."
I do not doubt someday there will be a Chloe M.D.

This is why I am a mother
Diana, Taylor and Chloe

Each one changed me

Each one is a blessing from the lord, so slow down each day and enjoy your kiddos....
Life is too short to miss out on the blessings of motherhood.


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