Friday, October 3, 2008

The Front Yard is....

DONE! Here are some pictures of the house. I know I have not posted any as of yet so here they are!
** This is a full view of the front yard. Next year hopefully my hygrangea bushes will be fully grown in front of the porch. **
** Ahh the look of new sod is wonderful and lush **

** We planted a Sweet Gum Maple for the Front yard. They grow up to 40 ft tall and 20 feet wide. We will never see it to be that large but they do turn beautiful fall colors of gold, reds and dark greens. **

** Garden Bed. In the front are Dahlias and in the back are my hygrangea bush starts **
It has been a busy summer as we were VERY busy in the back yard as well. We ripped out a lot and put in a bulb garden with tropical tiger cannas, a rose garden and an apple tree. We tilled up the back corner for the kids to put in a playground and are currently seeding right now. Pictures will come soon. I love this house because it has allowed keith and I to learn so much about working on a home. A home is a lot of work but worth it because when you sit down at the end of the day, the feelings you recieve are priceless. With a little hard work and patience you can start with a blank canvas and come out with a masterpiece of your own.

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abrew said...

i love it- soo cute! you have all i want in a houes- a covered porch and gables :)


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