Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time for Girl Scouts

So at the end of September I went to my parental duty "Back to School" Night to see my daughters classroom, meet her teacher, see her artwork, and her new friends. As we went into the gym to get her a Popsicle there was a Info booth for Girl Scouting. She has the whole sh-bang out with posters, badges, and handouts. Now if you did not already know last year I was a Brownie Troop Leader to 20 Scouts. As a troop leader my scouts earned numerous badges, went on fieldtrips, participated in the Christams parade and sold cookies and nuts. It was a busy position and I wanted a year off from it due to the fact it was a draining but very enjoyable and rewarding position. Ok...skip back to back to school night and I ask the lady "So are there any Brownie Troops for my daughter?" "No there are none at this time. We are looking for a leader for this school."

**Attention: This whole time Diana is begging me to do it again **

I ask her how many girls there are registered.....9. I think to myself ok that is reasonable considering I had 20 the previous year. So to make it a long story SHORT : I am a GS Troop leader again :).

Yes you may say I am a sucker but I really did enjoy last year until it went past 15 girls and then that was just COMPLETE chaos and chatter :). Now I DID have a co-leader like last year but SHE DITCHED ME (that is a long story...one that really galls me as she did have the guts to tell me that she did not want to really do it!!)

All is saved as last night one of the parents stepped up at my parent meeting to help with being my co-leader. She is a nurse so I am very excited to have someone who can teach the girls first aid and heath topics. If you have a little girl, I would encourage you to sign her up for Girl Scouts. It is a growing and learning experience that teaches girls leadership, values and gives them wonderful social experiences that create great friendsips.

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