Friday, October 10, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Ever since moving here I have loved discovering all the fun and exciting little tidbits about Albany. Our Neighbors told us that the high school community pool here in S. Albany does swimming lessons for an very inexpensive fee so I went and I signed up All three kids up for lessons. This was Chloe's first time doing a water baby class and SHE LOVED IT. She loved kicking and splashing me. By the end she even went down the swimming slide (she did not like it though!)

Taylor was put into a smaller class of four students, all girls but him. I think that is just how his luck runs :). He really enjoyed the water, especially jumping into the swimming pool at the end of class to have his teacher catch him. He learned how to blow bubbles, kick, float on his back, bob his head under water, and move his arms. We got back his little completion certificate today that said he passed all but 4 of the requirements...not bad for his first time. It said on the bottom ** very energetic ** LOL

I was impressed with the high school students . They did a great job as swim instructors and keeping Taylor's attention at all times (something not always easy to do:)! It was fun for him and something I think that is very important for him to learn. Diana does not start her lessons until Nov, after soccer is over!

Taylor going down the swim slide into the pool.

The girl on the end cried the whole time. Poor thing and poor mom :(

Chloe and Daddy at Water babies Class ( Oct 2008 )

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