Monday, October 13, 2008

To the Pumpkin Patch we go....

After Diana finished her Soccer Game up at TL Park on Saturday we had a fabulous day going to the pumpkin Patch at Heavenly Harvest. It was georgous fall day with the sun shining and a light crisp wind that smells of leaves and damp grass. We got all three kids bundled up in sweatshirts and rubber boots and were off. When we arrived there was duck races that are made out of water pumps, huge water barrels and PVC water pipes. These were taylors fav because he would put his duck on the pipe and say ready set go and then go before he said go. He just thought that was hilarious!

The thing I love about this pumpkin patch is that they are family friendly and it is great exposure to fun traditional pumpkin patch activties! When you walk in, there are these great cut outs for you to take pictures with. This was my favorite picture up above with the three little piggies themselves :). Along with the ducks there is dried corn boxes (corn version of the sand box), corn shooter (** Attention: AWESOME for all ages **), corn maze with cute signs and displays, and apple sling shot. Along with that there is a great farm store with fresh produce and of course the trailer ride and pumpkin patch experience, the main reason we came.....although I think my kids enjoyed shooting the corn more :). Here are some pictures of the trip.

Kids on the tractor after picking out pumpkins

Diana Buried in the Corn

Daddy and Taylor Racing their Ducks

The only thing missing at this pumpkin patch was the freshly made doughnuts and apple cider. In years past we went to another place which makes fresh doughnuts....Yummmm! I guess I will just have to make some at home! Now in a week or will be time for carving! :) Dont you just LOVE FALL!

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Christa said...

Heavenly Harvest is my fav. pumpkin patch, it's SO kid friendly, we'll be going there in the next few weeks.


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