Monday, October 13, 2008

New Callings!

In the last month Keith and I have recieved new callings in our small ward here in Albany. Keith is the Second Counselor in YM and I am the enrichment leader and RS Teacher. Keith loves his calling working with the YM and being able to help these YM realize their growth and potential. I think it is funny that Keith Davis, the YM president was guy I went to high school with and his wife was a girl in my ward I grew up with (hope that makes sense?). Small world we live in :).
I look forward to being Enrichment leader because I think there is a real need to reach out to the inactive and less active sisters in this ward. I will be able to with the help of the lord to create activties and functions that will bring the sisters together as well sometimes teach on sundays! I have some fun ideas already such as a playgroup, talent night, progressive get to know you and etc. A different path than being in primary but one that I think was well needed.

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