Thursday, October 23, 2008

Macho Macho woman....I want to be a macho woman!

So my new Neighbor, Rachel (yes we thought that was funny too) is looking to loose a few pounds like I am and told me about the exercise class, Muscle Tech through A. Parks and Rec. At first I was like, uhh I have not worked out all summer (although ripping up my whole front yard and part of my back should include beautifying my body!) but the thought intrigued me so I went and OH my gosh the instructor worked muscles that have not been moved since before Taylor. YIKES! Today was my third class and I am already seeing the results and LOVING it. I am hoping to start the early step class at 5:30 and increase my cardio now and really loose those inches that wont leave my hips.

A new and Improved Rachel coming to you soon...... :)

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Stephanie said...

That's awesome! I stopped working out mid summer and I am now paying for it. Once those inches started coming on I had to start hitting the gym. The hard part is enduring through those first painful weeks of soreness, shortness of breath, and tiredness. Keep up the good work:)


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