Sunday, November 8, 2009

Its party time!

Clo-bear and Taylor had their class parties at school last week. By the end of the party they were loaded up with plenty of sugar, music and games. It was exciting to see all their little friends dressed up. I remember as a kid the excitement of Halloween and the class parties. The games, crafts, trinkets you would bring home and the cupcake and sucker stains your mom would have to clean out of your clothes. I am saddened at how children in elementary school do not have that any more. If they have any sort of thing like it, its called a "harvest party" as not to offend anyone. It was sad to think this was Taylor's last year.

Chloe playing a card game

Halloween craft

Working hard!

Chloe decorating her trick or treat bag

Chloe with her friends A and K

Chloe with her friend Belle

Tigger on parade!
Going on Parade

Clo-bears class....there is only 1 boy and he was a knight. How appropriate!! LOL

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