Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pet for a night

As most of you know my husband gets "VERY" ill from pet dander. 20 minutes in a room with a cat or dog hair results in "AH-CHOO'S" and sniffles leaving my kids pet-less with the exception of the lonely gold fish which by the way I kill. When I went to go take out the trash tonight out came a neighborhood kitten shivering and hungry. Me being the big softy I am, pulled out some tuna and invited the little guy in. My kids squealed in delight. A cat. "Can we keep it mom...PLEASE mom.....PLEASE!!" I replied no but we can play with it for the next few minutes. They took off in a hurry and fed the kitten a whole can of tuna, a bowl of water, and pet it until its fur was on end. They were in heaven but like all good things, it came to end. We gave our final good byes and let the kitten out into the night.
Thank you kitten for giving my kids a pet even if it was for a little while!

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