Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have German lineage. I have ancestors who came through Ellis island to find the American dream. I have ancestors who walked across the plains for religious freedom from the mobs. I like many Americans have many lines, Indian, German and what ever else melted into the pot because that is what we are. A melting pot. This great nation brings people from all over the world to its borders with hopes and dreams that they can have a better life. It brings religious, political and ethical freedoms to each new immigrant as they stand to take the oath of citizenship. Everyday I live in this country and I question, how did I make today a better place? What did I do for my country?

Today is veterans day and my heart is with those families who have their husbands, mothers, and grandfathers overseas. Honor them today by making this country a better place. Lets serve one another to make this world just that must brighter; to make this great nation, the united states of America as a whole that much brighter, to be a beacon unto the world, so that our light might shine unto those that need it. God Bless America and Happy Veterans Day unto all who have served and will serve to keep this great nation and its values safe.


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