Friday, November 20, 2009


So....I have a dream. That dream is to run the worlds largest relay, Hood to Coast. So I did as any good team captain would and I got a team all lined up. We collected money, filled out our entry form and waited with anticipation whether or not we would get in. The relay bases a majority of their entrants other than fundraising on a lottery system; leaving it up to pure chance on whether you get in or not.
I checked my mail....
and we did not get in.
I was sad for a moment.......
and if you know me I can be stubborn......
Is that a good trait?!?
And I thought, "oh well. Next year!"
I will not give up. I will run this relay and I will cross that finish line. I then can say.....
"I ran Hood to Coast. The worlds largest relay"
and that makes me smile. =)

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