Monday, December 22, 2008


I do love my son, oh yes I do love my beloved son but there are times when he tries my patience. So I am talking to my mother on the phone when around the corner appears my daughter Diana with a water balloon. I think to myself..."hmm a water balloon in December....can it must not be...but AIYYYYEEE it is!"

I ask Diana where did you get that "I made it in the bathroom upstairs." After getting off the phone with my mother I discover my son has got into my party bag of balloons and decided that he is going to make water balloons. There is water EVVVVERYwhere and balloon pieces scattered around the bathroom floor.

I want to pull my hair out but I take a moment to just laugh off my frustration. I hand my son a towel and say "Taylor go clean it up!" I explain to him we make water balloons only in the summer not when it is snowing outside. In the end I tell him he can make all the water balloons he wants in the summer.....he just needs to aim and throw them at daddy ;)

P.S Don't tell Keith ;) It will ruin the surprise

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Jennifer Davis said...

ahhh kids - they are so much fun aren't they? We just watched Elder Wirthlin's talk from this last conference about laughing instead of getting mad and this reminded me of that :)

Those boys sure keep us on our toes don't they :)


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