Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Let it Snow....Let it snow...Let it Snow!!

I can not believe it but last night was magical. We had finished putting up the rest of our christmas decorations and afterward we looked out the window and with music in tow we saw with our very own eyes that there was snow coming down. It was everywhere and coming down hard! Our neighbors came out and we all had a fun and festive snowball fight with the whole neighborhood. Diana built a snowman, Taylor learned how to chuck a snowball and smash it into peoples behinds and Chloe well she decided that the cold was just not for her (she lasted 10 mins, before heading inside to watch a christmas movie). For the next 7 days it willl be freezing with temperatures not expected to reach 32 and snow coming in on Wednesday. Bundle up people because it is going to be a fun and chilly seven days of slippers, crafts, books, and playing in the snow.

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