Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A glimpse

Pictures are a glimpse into our lives, where time stands still . It's where we can catch the joy of a babies first steps, laughter of a child blowing bubbles, your husband tickling your children on the grass.....daily moments caught into a picturesque bubble to remind us of those things we might forget but a picture can capture forever. 

                                  Emily Bell took our family pictures and I am so excited
   to share them with you.

It is but a GLIMPSE into who we are as a family. 

I hope you enjoyed but a glimpse into who we are.

Check out Emily's photography HERE
She wrote a blog post on us!



Christensen Family said...

Love these Rach! They are so beautiful and organic... I'm definitely going to look into her photography.

Auntie Michelle said...

Oh my gosh Rachel! Those are the best family portraits I have seen! You are all so cute/adorable/beautiful! Your friend did a wonderful, wonderful job! Thanks so much for sharing!

Holly said...


Our Family said...

I was going to say the exact same thing as Holly - so I will change it to BEAUTIFUL!!

Debi B said...

You were right .Those pictures were amazing!!!Emily did such a great job!Sign me up!You have such a beautiful family!!


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