Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-K Graduation

                                                                          On May 28th.....

My baby boy graduated from pre-K this year!

Pre-K class 2010

High School graduates in 2023

* Lets hope the time goes by  REALLY slowly *

Taylor recieving his diploma

Taylor and his FABULOUS Pre-K teacher Mrs. D.

Taylor and the assistant teacher Mrs.H.
She has a wonderful voice and records Christian Music for children and adults.
She retired this year to focus on her music.
She will be very missed!

Taylor baby and I 

Taylor had a growing year this emotionally, physically and intellectually. Since his birthday is at the very end of May and two 1/2 weeks from the end of school we held him back to give him one more year of growth before he entered  elementary school. It was well worth it and with the great teacher he had he will do wonderful next year in Kindergarten. Thank you so much Mrs. D and Mrs. H. You touched my sons life and gave him the step he needed to have a fun and successful year in Kindergarten.

Now onto bigger and better adventures....

In the end though the real question is.....

"How much do you think I am going to cry when I leave Taylor the first day of school?"

We have a few more months until September rolls around ;-)


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