Thursday, June 3, 2010

Season ends

This was Diana's first season for softball. I am really proud of her in all that she accomplished, learned and did this season. She had several RBI's, hits and great moments in the outfield. For not knowing really anything about the sport, she latched on and as she put it " Can I do it next year too????"

Lucky number 7 on second base at her last game.

OF COURSE in our states


But weather or not there was popsicles at the ceremony!

Diana's coach gave her the Most Improved award on her team.  The coach told me she was really impressed with Diana and how fast she grasped the game.

Recieving her medal

Our first Softball star

Way to go little -D!

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bjarnason family said...

Way to go Diana! We sure miss having softball, they don't have it here. So much fun!


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