Thursday, June 10, 2010

Neighbors, Smores and Waterfalls

All those three are related I can assure you. They are related because we had the chance 9 months ago to reserve a cabin at Silver Creek Falls with them. I had never been cabin camping before, only tent camping but I will say this although it is pricier and harder to reserve a cabin or yurt it is WORTH it. There was NO obnoxious teenagers drinking behind us, plenty of privacy, warmth and fun. I may have converted ;-). I may try to find a yurt for later in the summer along the coast but well see. Those go VERY quickly when being reserved.

We arrived on Friday to start out to exploring the trails and checking out our race for the next day, missing the monster hill in all of our searching (see previous post).  That night we made sloppy Joe's, played games and might I say the girls KICKED the men's butts in games. Always a pleasure.....muh ha ha!

The kids in front of an old bridge in the park

The next morning we raced and were muddy and survived the swimming like puddles, monster hill and mud. It sounds hard but it was exhilarating.
(see previous post for pictures)

That afternoon we went hiking down to see the falls around the 4 miles loop, although one of us thinks we only did know who you are :). The first stop was the large falls.  If you live in Oregon you know what I am talking about when I say we have had a WET spring. Due to all that rainfall the falls were full of life. The spray behind the falls drenched us all, making the kids giggle out of delight and the adults run for cover. In all my years of hiking there I have never seen it so full. Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful all in one picturesque moment.

Look at how full the falls were that day

Taylor and his mama about to go behind the falls to get drenched!

You can see some of the back spray in the picture

All of the brood.

Chloe in front of the lower falls.
I can not believe it but she hiked pretty much the whole thing.

It was a great weekend with gods given beauty and friends.

Get out there and camp with your family this summer whether it be in a cabin or your backyard....

You will love it and so will they!


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Christensen Family said...

Fun!! I love Silver Falls... It is such a fun place. We have never camped there. It's on my list of things to do.


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