Thursday, November 20, 2008

911 Fashion police

I just have to laugh at my daughter Chloes little quirk. She is a huge clothes horse. She absolutly loves clothes more than toys and shoes are the icing on the cake. When ever we go into a department store she will demand to try on something if you go into the dressing room as you pass the racks of clothes. The shoe department is worse. Shoe after shoe is such a delight to this little girl as she loves to try them on and say "mommy these pretty shoes." or "mommy princess shoes." I am truly doomed when she becomes teenager :).

This is why I become confused when she comes to being at home. Yes she still raids her drawers of clothes and Dianas of course (big sisters clothes are always more pretty ;) but when it comes down to what she wears 90% of the day..... it is only one item of clothing that has caught her attention. This piece of clothing as you can see is one of Dianas old tank tops that goes over a t-shirt. I just am baffled on what made her love "her pretty dress" as she calls it. What is wrong with the rest of the clothes that are sitting all over the floor and in the drawers of her closet, I do not know. All I know is that my little girl wears this "thing" a majority of the days around my house, leaving me to steal it when it stinks so bad it NEEDS washed! Heaven help me!!

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