Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In this time of economic and spiritual turmoil, there can be a mindset that there is no good left in this world, leaving what is left precious and rare. Being a Latter-day saint I have the peace and knowledge in my heart that there still is much good left. I was born into a family where parents loved me and taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am loved and have parents who have cheered and supported me in my goals.
I have been blessed always with a warm home, food and clothes. I have been blessed with the opportunity for a eternal marriage in the house of the lord to a remarkable man whom the privilege is mine to call husband. I have been blessed with three Beautiful children who teach me everyday to slow down and laugh. I have been blessed with the scriptures that enrich my life and show me the way back to my father in heaven. I have been blessed with sisters in the gospel that have been there for me and my family in times of need, sadness and joy. I been blessed with the guidance of my friend the spirit. I been blessed to have a relationship with my savior Jesus Christ. My cup over floweth and I am SO grateful to my father in heaven for the country I live in, the greatest nation on this earth. As the wind and rain pound outside on my windows today I slowed down and contemplated on the depth of how much I have been blessed and it truly left me speechless. I know this may sound pollyannish but I want to make a goal more often to look for the good in life. There is so much good left, and the lord needs us to stand up as saints in these latter-days and see how blessed we really are so we can take a little of what we have and share it unto others around us.

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