Friday, November 7, 2008

Proposition 8 and Proposition 102

My heart goes out to all of the latter-day saints in L.A and California. There have been violent and angry picketers at the gates of the temples and churches, making it hard for the LDS saints. Saints have been screamed at, accused and wrongly judged when numerous other churches such as the catholic and surrounding churches took the same stance on proposition 8. In this dispensation when those who listen and look for warning signs are truly feeling the end of days, comes yet another attempt to prey on and dismantle the family.

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jebandjenn simpson family said...

I have been watching this issue closely...I feel bad for those members who are having to deal with this persectution first hand in California. There are so many people who voted for this that are not Mormon-it is so unfortuante that we are being singled out as the only ones.


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