Thursday, November 13, 2008


So on Tuesday my husbands boss, his boss and then the boss over that boss (OK some really important guys high up in the corporate latter) came up from Las Vegas and Reno to notify the Corvallis location that there were going to be lay-offs and VSP given out (voluntary Severance packages). IGT never has had a lay off in its companies history but the economic losses from the 4Q resulted in the need to slash costs, meaning lay-offs. In this economic look out even the healthiest of companies will be affected.

Well today we found out that Keith is safe. You can not even imagine the relief that brought to everyone in this house. With so many people out of work you feel grateful for that paycheck you are blessed with to be able to pay your mortgage and feed your family. We do not know what the future holds but hopefully we can make it through these next two years with a job until the economy picks up and then we can breath easily again.

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Jennifer Davis said...

Oh Thank Goodness!!! I had been thinking about you guys since you told me. I am grateful Keith was able to keep his job, but I feel terrible for all those who will lose their jobs. During these times I feel so grateful for those paychecks!


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