Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat Give me something.....

Good to eat! So this was our first year trick or treating in a new town and we had a lot of fun. I got all crafty and made the girls fairy princess costumes and bought taylors knight accesories at our beach trip in august.

The girls costumes were a lot of fun to make because when I looked at the Disney tinkerbell costumes and other comparable fairy costumes and I did not like the quality for the price. So I went to jo-annes and bought some toole (sp?), elastic, fairy wings for 50% off, wands that I decorated, and made fairy crowns out of a wedding headband, glitter and toole. When all was said and done I spent $9-12.00 for each girl and ending up with FAR better quality than the 25.00 tinker bell costume at Wal-mart or Target, that did not include the crown ,wand or wings. Here are some pictures of the costumes:

Halloween after "Trick or Treating" and trying the whole ensamble on for mom

Chloe and her fairy princess costume. She was not being very cooperative in taking pictures that night because her candy bag was MUCH more interested than saying "cheese" for the Camera.

My Knight In Shinning Armor " Sir Taylor Lance" after A long night of trick or treating

We went around our neighborhood and made out like bandits. We took our next door neighbor along with her little girl, E who is not much younger than Chloe. We hit about 5 streets with the little kids (we live in a large neighborhood) and after Taylor and Chloe and I went home, Keith and Diana hit the streets again, filling her bag up SOOOO much that Dad decided to fill his pockets up with candy so her bag would not look so full. I know! I mean who is trick or treating him or her?!? I was glad that they were able to have so much dad daugher time. They had a lot of fun. When those two came home they re-filled up my empty candy bowl!!! It was a great Halloween.

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