Sunday, November 23, 2008

Babes in Nyeland

I had fun this morning pulling out the kids Christmas Dresses and suit to wear to church this morning. I found the girls dresses at Costco for super cheap (great quality for a small price) and Taylor's very first Big boy suit at Target for only 19.99!! I bought the outfits on the larger side so they will fit next year as well, hoping no one will grow 5 inches :). I put Diana's hair up in pin curls and curled Chloe's hair for the first time. Taylor being a boy, enjoyed taunting his sisters that he did not have any hair to do. Before we left I took some cute pictures of the kids. The Pictures are below. Enjoy.

"All wrapped up for Christmas"

Silly picture :)

So handsome!

Oh my gosh is he really almost 5!

A look of mischief 24/7

Princess Diana

Look at them Dimples



jebandjenn simpson family said...

How cute are your kids!!! Reading your thing about Taylor almost being 5 I thought WAIT stop that means Austin is almost 5!!! I am in total denial! I can't wait to have a little girl to get sweet little dresses. They all look very nice!

BluBabes said...

I just loved seeing this on Sunday! I think I now have two favorite Princess Diana's!


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