Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wonderful Husband

So after coming back from an hour and half of mutual with hyper 12 to 13 year old boys, along with a hectic work week, my husband spent another night taking the fridge apart ALL over trying to diagnose the problem. When he went to go and take the freezers back panel off he found behind the wall the coils consumed in one HUGE blog of ice resulting in the wires to the fridge shorting out and no cold air going to the fridge. It was a bad design but after defrosting the huge block of ICE and some electrical tape over the wires for protection we have lift off. My fridge is cold this morning, my freezers ice cubes are frozen and I am ONE HAPPY WIFE! Not many hubbies would have spent from 9 to 1:30am taking apart, defrosting and diagnosing a refrigerator. It saved us a lot of money and I am grateful the faith and blessing this is to our family.

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Jennifer Davis said...

I am so glad! It would have been bad to have to spend all that $$ on a fridge just before christmas. Yay!


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