Saturday, November 15, 2008


(Picture from tea party last spring)
Right after Taylor was born, I was at a local pool for a YW swim party. I and other leaders brought there families along for the fun. As I started to mingle with the other YW and the leaders my husband took Diana to go play in the pool. He walked over to the table with her to take off his gym pants and while doing that (his head was only turned maybe for 2-3 seconds) Diana followed her good friend David and his father into the pool, not realizing that she did not have floaties on. When Keith turned back to Diana she was gone. In that instant it is all parents nightmare what happened next. When searching for her and listening to the prompting of the spirit he found her after much searching at the bottom of the pool in the shallow end. When he picked her up she was upset and very scared. Diana was 3 1/2 when that happened and it scared the crap (sorry!) out of us! Swim lessons after that were difficult because as she grew older she did not remember the incident but had internalized the fear of her head going under the water.

Now at 7 1/2 and after taking a 2 year brake from swim lessons I am happy to say that Diana took her first swim lesson and DID GREAT! She was jumping in the pool, bobbing her head under the water and overall made mommy very proud! WAY TO GO DIANA! :)

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Jennifer Davis said...

In that picture, Diana looks so much like you Rachel :) Way to go on the swimming! It is such an important thing to know - I am glad she enjoyed it.


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