Sunday, May 23, 2010


6 years ago this morning at 1:35 am I gave birth to a beautiful brown eyed baby boy.

My labor was intense and hard without any pain medication but empowering.

My husband and I named him: Taylor Lance Nye

He came into this world with a loud set of lungs and feisty appetite not only for food but for life.

As a baby Taylor would smile from ear to ear, making your heart melt into a million peices.

As a baby Taylor would love to sit under the trees and watch the leaves go back and forth, trying ever so hard to figure the patterns out.

As a baby Taylor was his mama's cuddle bug

As a toddler Taylor climbed onto my fridge at 18 months old to get the easter egg candy

As a toddler Taylor fell in LOVE with trucks, planes and trains

As a toddler Taylor loved little einsteins

Now Taylor is 6.

He does not climb onto my fridge anymore but uses a stool instead...sigh...=-)

He now loves to play with his trucks, planes and trains (and moms spoons)  in the dirt

Instead of little einsteins he loves the movie cars, especially Mater

He is still is his mama's cuddlebug

But most of all he is mine ..... whether he is 6 or 60.

I love you Taylor baby.

Happy Birthday son.

Your mama

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