Sunday, May 2, 2010

Take me out to the softball game....

So like I said Taylor is doing T-ball.
Chloe is dancing away in ballet.

and Diana is trying something new.

She is donning a "pink" mitt, baseball pants and a visor versus soccer cleats this spring.
For the past 4 years she has done soccer
She decided to try her hand at softball.

I am proud of her. Its hard for her to try something new. She is my soft spoken, mild mannered child who would read books for HOURS on end if I let her. But like any good mama, I know fresh air is good for the lungs...well its just plain'ol good to get out to stretch the muscles god gave you!

Take a peek at her in uniform at her first game!

I 'm proud of you baby Girl!

Keep up the good work...Your mom and Dad are proud of all your hard work.

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