Wednesday, May 19, 2010


  Last week when it was ACTUALLY warm outside

We dashed outside, donned our swimsuits, towels and played in the sprinkler

It was then brought to my attention by my son, Taylor ever so bluntly.....

*yes I know another baseball pic but does he not look so CUTE with all of his catcher's gear on??*

Ok....back to the story...

He looks as me while we play and exclaims and remember I am in my swimsuit....

"Mom, your WHITE."

Ahhh, children. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. =-)


Keith aka Hubby said...

Your an awesome mom! Keep up the good work. Give our kids a hug for me Mrs. White :)

Nye77 said...

hmm, I guess my first post didn't take. Just wanted to let you know your an awesome mom! Keep it up Mrs. White :) Love you!


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