Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hold on

When I was a young mom, I had a sister at church tell me "It will go faster than you think." You hear this again and again until one day you realize "HELLO....where did time fly?"
I had one of those moments yesterday when I went to Diana and Taylors parent teacher conferences. As I sat down with each teacher, they proceeded to tell me what smart and kind children I had. Diana quick to help others. Taylor a little engineer, always building and thinking up constructive ideas in the classroom. I was a proud mother. These children that I had worked so hard to love and teach were growing up. Time does fly and I want this next year work even harder at making each moment count with my kids. These young years are precious ones and I am so grateful I have had this time with them.
It has not always been easy to stay home, as I thought many times about the job or classes I could have been doing. Then reality would hit and I would realize that this is where god had wanted me, to be with my children, to experience these young years at home. I was not able to get that with my mother when I was younger so in someways I am learning how to stay at home. Do not get me wrong, I had a fantastic mother but times were tough and she had to work to put food on our table. So to me and my kids I wanted to experience what it was like to stay at home and be the"soccer mom." This will be the hardest job I will ever hold. Emotionally it is draining. Physically it is draining but the rewards are priceless. Yes we have less money because we do not have two incomes but I would not go back and change it. I will go back to work when they are older and be content with what was decided many years ago. It has made me a better person, mother and wife. It has taught me lessons I needed to learn from god.
I am eternally grateful I found my path. It is not for everyone.
I hope that each of you find your own path that god has for you.
It is out there so reach out and hold on.

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