Wednesday, October 7, 2009

School is back in session

So we have a new scenario playing out in our home this year. Its called School. Everyone is going and loving it, resulting in mom having 2 hours to herself three times a week! Can you believe it?

What really is important here is that her three beautiful children are growing up way too fast for my own liking. Chloe started pre-school this year and early intervention has been wonderful working with her once a week with a speech pathologist. Each week they come to the class room to work with her and write up evaluations. They are thinking by the next year she should be all caught up. That brings tears to my eyes! From one year ago to now, she has grown leaps and bounds and I know it is because of a plethora of hard work and dedication . The lord can work many miracles if we let him into our lives. This is an example.

Chloe with her teacher, Ms. Linda.

Taylor with his teacher, Mrs.Dole.

Diana in her new Classroom, Mrs. Young's.

Oh my gosh. Isn't she gorgeous. I am going to screw a shot gun above my door when she turns a teenager.

About to start their first day of school at A. 1st Christian pre-primary.
Clo-bear on her first day.
I love their schools. We are lucky to live in close proximity to a great elementary school, that we have been very happy with so far. Last year was a new year here and I can now see why people say the people her are so friendly. It has been a great community to move to, where the parents get involved and are so down to earth. The younger twos' preschool enriches them with christian teachings that I feel are important to instill when they are younger. Values that unfortunately have left many schools altogether.
It scares me as a mother to see what these children face daily. The moral and ethical issues that they will encounter are beyond anything I ever faced as s child. These children of today are christian soldiers going off to war to withstand all that will be thrown at them. I am very lucky to be the mother of three of them May each year bring new growth, strength and lessons.
God bless this new year!

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