Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Smores, a tent and lots o'dirt! PART 2

Soooo.....where was I. That's right. The lanes had left, tear, sniff....but alas our sorrows were short because who should come and visit, the kids godmother =). We love her VERY much and consider her family. You see, when I was 14, My seminary (church) teacher Bro. Farmer decided to give out a challenge to do a small Christmas service. You had to write a report on it. I thought and thought and could not come up with anything. I was getting more nervous as the deadline approached and I thought....I am going to flunk seminary!

Two days before I had to turn in my paper, I was in class with my friend at the time Karina. I had the distinct impression to give her a B of M. I thought....How am I going to do that???! I mean that's the what the missionaries are for, right? Oh how little you know when you are 14. I some how found a empty book of Mormon, wrote my testimony in it (by the way, I wrote her name wrong 3 times in while doing so) and stuck a small 3x 5 of the thirteen articles of faith. Whew, I thought I did it. Fast forward later the next day when we jumped off the bus to walk home. I handed her the book and well....the rest is history you could say. Years obviously have past, and through it all I consider her my sister. I do not have a biological one, but she makes up for that big time. Friends like her a blessing.

OK.....so back to camping. Wow...way off topic. While she was camping with us, we drove to the dunes down the HWY and explored, only to find, yes it was windy. Are you surprised? We had fun collecting buckets of shells despite the wind, and the men built a sand fort. The fort was quite a impressive structure only to be left minutes after completion.

I told you it was cold!

My Husband the engineer

I absolutely adore this picture.

Camping come back soon!

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