Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Smores, a tent and lots o'dirt! PART 1

What is the summer with out friends, a godmother, a tent and some smores? Well it wouldn't be summer that is for sure. The last weekend in August we packed up our van and took off to the beach with the tent, sleeping bags, yummy food and sand pails in tow. It was a wonderful week full of DIRT, dirt and oh did I mention....D.I.R.T. But hey what is camping with out that.

The first few days we had our neighbors and friends join us for a couple of nights. We played at the beach which was COLD and windy, leaving it to no surprize since we live in oregon.

The kids drinking hot Chocolate.... Yum! That just makes me warm just thinking about it.

There was an incredible playground at the camp ground that had a variety of climbing actvities and bars. The kids loved it and so did mom and dad when they went to sleep soundly =).

Ok, would it not hurt to SIT like this. ?!?

Oh I love this lil'one!
5 little monkeys jumping on the bridge.
Note: No one fell off and bumped their head.

Smores. Its not camping with out those, you know!

Swimming at the lake

Paddle Boat fun! By the way...the men hogged up most of the time on that!

The Campfire.

Keith and Steve racing down the dunes.

The kids loved climbing up the sand dunes. Boy did they sleep well that night.

My lover and I

Keith and Taylor at the Beach

"The three Stooges"

The Lanes
And of course.....the nyes.

To be continued....

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