Saturday, October 17, 2009

A hunting we will go....

This year we took our annual pumpkin trip to our favorite farm, heavenly harvest. Corn boxes, corn mazes, corn shooting (a personal fav.), hay bales to climb, duck races, tractor rides oh and lets not forget the star of the show, the pumpkins. It was a grand ol'time as we headed out in the early evening bundled up with sweatshirts and boots. There was NOone there since it was the evening and we had the farm to ourselves, even our own tractor ride.

Me "trying" to shoot it into the hole

Daddy burying Diana in the corn box

My clo-bear, always full of spunk and energy

Big "D"

My three little pumpkins

Playing on the tractor

His pumpkin was HUGE, well for his size.

Chloe and her pumpkin

Diana took awhile to find her "perfect" pumpkin

And by the way...... I love this guy. I think I will keep him.

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